A Special Note on Safety and Security at MIT

December 03, 2015

To the members of the MIT community:

In the United States and around the world, recent incidents of violence and threats of violence have required communities like our own to take special care to ensure safety and security. I write to share with you thoughts relevant to the current climate.

Now and always, MIT Police work closely with local, federal, and international law-enforcement agencies to respond to perceived threats to the MIT community. Under the leadership of MIT Chief of Police John DiFava, MIT has established deep and broad connections with such agencies: these connections allow us to deal thoughtfully with matters of particular concern.

In the event that MIT Police perceive an imminent threat to the MIT community, appropriate police action will be taken. As part of any such response, we have in place MIT Alert, a system for rapid emergency notification to the MIT community via text message, email, the Web, and phone. If you are not currently enrolled in MIT Alert, I encourage you to enroll here.

I also encourage you to follow this advice from the MIT Police: if you see something suspicious, say something. You can do so by calling the MIT Police at (617) 253-1212 (or by dialing 100 from any MIT phone). Chief DiFava frequently reminds me of how valuable the input of the MIT community has proven to be in this regard.

Those of us entrusted with responsibility for the safety of the MIT community will continue to be especially vigilant. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Israel Ruiz
Executive Vice President and Treasurer