Lorraine Goffe to step down as Vice President for Human Resources

November 26, 2018

Dear MIT faculty and staff,

I write to share the news that Lorraine Goffe has let us know of her decision to resign as MIT's Vice President (VP) for Human Resources (HR) at the end of this calendar year, following nearly four years of dedicated service to the Institute.

Lorraine came to MIT from Washington University where she served for 15 years, most recently as Vice Chancellor. As VP, Lorraine set a vision for the modernization of HR, which included creating a function focused on data analytics that informed our policies and procedures. With her team, she led initiatives that enhanced the life of MIT faculty and staff: paid parental leave; a high-deductible health plan; and MIT’s first employee assistance program, MyLife Services. Under her guidance, HR broadened communications, created professional development opportunities for both the general MIT and MIT HR communities, and built more internal mechanisms for diversity and inclusion, including sponsoring the Diversity and Inclusion Forum. The HR team implemented an employer branding strategy to ensure MIT attracts, retains, and engages talent from across the spectrum. Lorraine has been viewed as a leader, mentor, and active community member for many at MIT, ensuring that MIT is a great place to work, where everyone feels included. She has also been a valuable contributor to the Salary Subcommittee, Academic Council, and the Employee Benefits Oversight Committee.

As Lorraine leaves to pursue other opportunities, I am grateful for her leadership over these last few years. As we begin the search for the right individual to build on what Lorraine has accomplished and fill the important role of leading HR, I welcome your input regarding potential candidates, as well as thoughts about the role. Please send comments or suggestions via email to me at evpt-hiring@mit.edu, or to Room 4-204. All correspondence received will be treated as confidential.

Please join me in expressing our gratitude for her considerable service to the MIT community.


Israel Ruiz
Executive Vice President and Treasurer