Formation of the International Coordinating Committee

May 29, 2012

To Members of the MIT Faculty and Staff:

We are pleased to announce the formation of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC). The ICC, working closely with the faculty-led International Advisory Committee (IAC), will coordinate and strengthen the support provided by MIT’s administrative offices and functions for the Institute's international activities. As MIT has continued to expand its commitment to global partnerships and collaborations, this enhanced administrative support structure will help us to advance the important work at hand.

The ICC is co-chaired by the Directors of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Office of Major Agreements, Michelle Christy and James Morgan. Committee membership will include broad representation from each school and from departments, laboratories and centers that support significant international pursuits. Administrative offices and functions involved in planning, negotiating, implementing, and supporting international activities also participate. In particular, Vice President and General Counsel Gregory Morgan and the Office of the General Counsel are active partners in these efforts. The ICC does not supplant the many areas responsible for specific aspects of international activities. The Committee will depend upon the International Students Office and International Scholars Office, and OSP will continue to be responsible for executing all sponsored research agreements. The ICC, as its name suggests, is a coordinating body.

The Committee will play a critical role in facilitating activities and implementing decisions of the IAC, which Provost and President-elect Rafael Reif has charged to contribute to the design of an international strategy for the Institute through direct consultation with the faculty and the administration, and to ensure that international institutional initiatives and partnerships serve MIT’s mission. Under our direction, the ICC will provide advice, expertise and support for new and ongoing international engagements and assist with developing and implementing processes, policies and guidelines.

The ICC will give consideration to international partnerships and collaborations broadly, including those of individual faculty, as well as at the department, school and Institute levels. We encourage all faculty and staff who are involved in or anticipate becoming engaged in international partnerships or collaborations to contact the ICC ( in the early stages of exploration for advice and assistance.

Visit the global mit website to learn more about MIT’s international collaborations.


Claude R. Canizares
Vice President for Research and Associate Provost

Israel Ruiz
Executive Vice President and Treasurer