Formation of the Employee Benefits Oversight Committee

May 22, 2012

To Members of the MIT Faculty and Staff:

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Employee Benefits Oversight Committee (EBOC). The overarching goal in establishing the Committee is to assure an integrated approach to all employee benefits matters including cost, competitiveness, and benefits philosophy. Chaired by Vice President for Human Resources Alison Alden, EBOC will be responsible for overseeing all employee benefits issues, considering proposals for new aspects of our benefits programs, charging working groups to address specific topics as appropriate, and recommending policies and programs.

The group will initially be organized with three standing subcommittees to give focused attention in the areas of health, work-life and retirement.

  • The Health Subcommittee, chaired by Medical Director and Head of the MIT Medical Department Dr. William Kettyle, will engage members of the MIT community in a process that will provide meaningful, actionable information and advice regarding health, wellness and medical care for the MIT community.
  • The Work-Life Subcommittee, chaired by Professor and Department Head of Physics Edmund Bertschinger, will involve community members in thinking about other benefits that MIT provides, such as parking and transportation and child care, which do not fall under the areas of health or retirement.
  • The Retirement Subcommittee will cover the full range of retirement benefits including pension, 401k and post-retirement health.

The Health and Work-Life Subcommittees are beginning their work now, and the Retirement Subcommittee will get underway later in 2012. We are grateful to the overall EBOC membership for their efforts in advancing this important work under our direction, and we look forward to communicating with you further about programs as they develop.


L. Rafael Reif
Provost and President-elect

Israel Ruiz
Executive Vice President and Treasurer