Guidelines for Outside Engagements
May 7, 2021

MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing Task Force Working Groups Final Reports
August 5, 2019

Final Report to the Provost of the Graduate Student Housing Working Group
May 2014

Report on the Formation of a New Entity in the Areas of Complex and Socio-technical Systems, Information and Decision Systems, and Statistics (PDF)
Cover letter (PDF)
May 5, 2014

Report to the Provost of the Graduate Student Housing Working Group
January 16, 2014

Report of the MIT Global Environment Initiative Planning Group
November 12, 2012

Report of the Task Force on Community Engagement in 2030
October 17, 2012

2012 Institute Diversity Summit Report
April 30, 2012

Report of the Environmental Research Council
Implementing the MIT Global Environmental Initiative (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)
Appendix to the Report (PDF)
April 17, 2012

Arts at MIT White Paper (PDF)
June 28, 2011

Report of the Committee on the Structure of the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology (HST) Effort at MIT (PDF)
May 26, 2011

MIT's Approach to International Engagement (PDF)
February 2011

The MIT-Greater China Strategy (PDF)
August 2010

Report of the Committee to Evaluate the ME-OE Merger (PDF)
May 27, 2010

Report of the Environmental Research Council:
Prospectus for an Initiative on Global Environment at MIT (PDF)

May 2010

Report of the Initiative for Faculty Race and Diversity
January 14, 2010

Mens et Manus et Mundus (PDF)
New Directions for Global Education and Research at MIT
September 2009

Guiding Strategies for MIT's International Activities (PDF)
A Report by the MIT International Advisory Committee
September 3, 2009

Report by the Committee to Assess Environmental Activities at MIT (PDF)
May 5, 2008

Letter and Preliminary Report on Initiative for Investigation of Race Matters and Underrepresented Minority Faculty at MIT
July 16, 2007

Research Misconduct Allegation

Report of the Panel to Review the Martin Luther King Visiting Professor and Scholar Professor Program (PDF) (PDF access for members of the Institute community through MIT certificates)
May 2006

Report of the Committee On the Funding Of Graduate Students at MIT (FOGS) (PDF)
revised November 2006

MIT Faculty Search Committee Handbook (PDF)
revised January 2002

Draft Report of the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Intellectual Property and Conflict of Commitment

Report of the Committee on Reorganization and Closing of Academic Units: Learning from the ABS Experience (PDF)
May 1988


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