One-Year Tenure Clock Extension for New Faculty (beginning FY21)

June 29, 2020

Dear Faculty,

As a result of the continued disruption associated with COVID-19, an automatic extension of the tenure clock will be given to incoming faculty who are starting in September 2020. All new faculty will automatically be granted a one-year tenure clock extension, for a maximum of nine years. A faculty candidate for promotion or tenure may opt-out of this extension after discussion with their department head and dean. This is an addendum to tenure policy adjustment for existing junior faculty announced on March 27,2020 (Tenure policy adjustment).

This policy applies to faculty who delayed their start from last year (2019-20) and to faculty accepting offers this spring who are starting in September 2020.

Consistent with our current policy, new faculty whose academic year 2020-21 appointments start after September 2020 shall be understood not to have nine years of service until the July 1 next following the accumulation of nine years of equivalent full-time service, and thus will not be provided any further extension of the tenure clock.


Martin A. Schmidt, Provost