Faculty career resources

November 23, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We write to remind you of the Faculty Concierge site my office has developed that conveys information about faculty resources in a more accessible manner. The resources touch on topics including support for scholarly activities, finding funding, faculty development programs, and the newest addition—information regarding post-tenure career transition options.

The Faculty Concierge Post-Tenure Career Transition site contains helpful information for those considering year-end changes related to their optional retirement contributions. Faculty may refer to the FAQs on the Post-Tenure Career Transition site to learn more about possible changes to financial planning options made previously. For example, 401K and 457B retirement contribution changes may be made at any time. There is also a temporary 401k Plan relief provision as a result of the CARES Act, which provides MIT 401K plan participants more freedom to access funds during the current economic crisis without tax penalties.

Post-Tenure Career Transition

Recognizing that faculty often desire flexible arrangements in which they continue to engage with MIT as they enter or transition toward retirement, the new Post-Tenure Career Transition site includes information about options, the experiences of other MIT faculty, and resources related to different career stages. The latter include:

New resources

We have also provided new opportunities for one-on-one consultation, including a newly appointed faculty retirement plan specialist, Dionne Garcia, as well as a few post-tenure faculty who have offered to speak with colleagues about their experiences (Guidance & Counseling).

Faculty Concierge

The Faculty Concierge site consolidates many resources to support faculty careers, including:

I hope you will find these resources helpful. Questions or comments about the site and/or resources may be directed to Assistant Provost for Faculty Programs Donna Behmer and/or Associate Provost Tim Jamison.

Tips for logging in

Access is provided through an MIT license to Microsoft Office 365. Initial login will require your Kerberos-linked MIT email address (xyz@mit.edu) and Duo authentication. Alias addresses (e.g., xyz@csail.mit.edu or xyz@math.mit.edu) may not be used to sign in. You may save this login to your device and bypass this step for all future access to this and any other Faculty Concierge sites. Chrome, Safari, Firefox are the recommended browsers. If you have any problems logging in, please let Donna Behmer know.


Martin A. Schmidt, Provost