Fisher v. University of Texas

June 24, 2016

To the members of the MIT community:

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its latest decision in Fisher v. University of Texas, upholding the University's use of race as one of many factors in making admission decisions. This decision affirms many of the principles we outlined in our amicus brief last November, and it reinforces that MIT and other higher education institutions can continue to fulfill their educational missions by building richly diverse student bodies.

At MIT, we have long held that our students' success both on campus and in the world depends on their exposure to a variety of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. Students are best served when they are surrounded by people who think differently, who challenge their assumptions, and who approach problem solving in unexpected ways. A diverse campus community raises new generations of global citizens—the kind of open-minded and well-rounded thinkers and innovators the world urgently needs.

We are pleased the Court understands that universities are "laboratories for experimentation." MIT is constantly exploring new and creative ways to identify talented students from different backgrounds with different experiences. By doing so, we are committed to assembling a broadly diverse body of students who can, individually and as a community, make the world a better place.


Cynthia Barnhart

Dennis Freeman
Dean for Undergraduate Education