Update on increase in positive tests

March 25, 2021

Dear students,

Over the last few days, we have seen a concerning increase in positive COVID-19 tests among MIT Sloan graduate students (see the COVID dashboard weekly update for details). We are writing to let you know that MIT is supporting impacted students and is working to minimize the potential effect of this situation on the community at large. The overall risk to other students living on campus remains low as long as you follow typical protective measures (see below) and comply with MIT policies and guidelines.

Steps Taken

All Sloan classes have been moved online at least for the remainder of this week, and all Sloan facilities are currently closed. Sloan students who live on campus will have access only to their residence halls and dining facilities (if they are meal plan subscribers), and those who live off campus are permitted on MIT grounds only for testing or to get care at MIT Medical. Sloan students will not have access to any DAPER athletic facilities. Lastly, all Sloan students were asked to test on Thursday, and will be required to follow a specific testing regimen next week.

Additional steps may be taken depending on adherence to these policies and the outcome of next week’s testing. All of this information has been communicated to Sloan students.

Prevent COVID-19 Transmission

As a reminder, all members of the MIT community are responsible for preventing transmission of COVID-19 to others, both on and off campus. Do your part by remembering the following:

  • Per the policies (grad | UG), all students must wear a face covering, stay six feet apart from each other, test as directed to by COVID Pass, and attest as required even if they are fully vaccinated.
  • Events and parties on or off campus are prohibited. See the events and parties policy (grad | UG) and the COVID amnesty policy (grad | UG) for more details.
  • Personal travel is still strongly discouraged and MIT-sponsored travel is restricted. If you must travel, register your trip and follow the current travel policy.
  • Students must follow the policy on reporting, quarantining, and isolation (grad | UG) and assist MIT Medical contact tracers as needed.

Thank You

We are grateful that the vast majority of on-campus residents are doing their part by curtailing unsafe activities and following MIT’s guidelines. We are all growing weary of these restrictions, but they continue to be necessary to protect our community’s well-being and to bring us closer to something like pre-COVID life.

Suzy and Cecilia

Suzy M. Nelson, Vice President and Dean for Student Life
Cecilia Stuopis, Medical Director, MIT Medical