Processing the news of today's verdict

April 20, 2021

Dear students,

As we process news of the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, I want to let you know about an event intended to help students come together and share their feelings about the death of George Floyd.

From 7 to 11 this evening, we will have a station with whiteboards and materials for posting messages on the Kresge Oval. Staff will be on hand to assist in any way that’s needed, and they will document what is posted.

We offer this as an opportunity for expression and dialogue, as an outlet for students seeking a way to process the emotions of the moment, and as an alternative to students gathering together in large groups that might have the unintended side effect of spreading Covid-19. If you do decide to attend off-campus gatherings for expression, demonstrations or marches, please review these recommendations on MIT Medical and on MIT Now for keeping yourself safe in group settings.

MIT support resources are standing by as well. To paraphrase President Reif’s email from last week, I know that the trial and anticipation of an outcome has been painful, frustrating, and exhausting for many at MIT and around the world, especially for people of color. Staff from across MIT will be here now and going forward for any student who needs support.

Take care of yourself, and please reach out if you need help.

Best regards,

Suzy M. Nelson, Vice President and Dean for Student Life