MIT Reboot runs from November 2-11

November 01, 2020

Dear MIT community,

With a global pandemic, social unrest, and a contentious election on our minds, we could all benefit from some time to take care of ourselves and each other. A committee of students and staff came together to talk about how we can do that – to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, slow down this wild semester…and REBOOT.

MIT Reboot is a period of fun, restorative events and activities for students, faculty, and staff that begins Monday, November 2 – a wide variety of events including online exercise classes, a collaborative community quilt, discussions on anxiety and gratitude, and even a social media-based parade of MIT pets. For those living on campus, there are snack breaks and outdoor activities, including a tour along the Charles River and lawn games on Barry Field. There’s something for just about everyone who needs a break, wherever they are.

Please take a few minutes out of this topsy-turvy time from November 2 through November 11 to be kind to yourself, to reach out and connect with others, and to REBOOT your mind and body with something new and different.

As always, staff are here to support students. Please refer to the resources on the Wellbeing and Support website for more information on how to connect with staff in these offices remotely. MIT’s resources for supporting faculty and staff can be found through the Center for WorkLife and WellBeing, including MyLife Services, MyStressTools, and specialized Covid-19 support.

Warm wishes,

Suzy Nelson
Vice President and Dean for Student Life