Institute Policy on Religious Accommodation

May 08, 2018

Dear students,

The administration is aware that finals week coincides with Ramadan and Shavuot this year. An email has gone out to remind all faculty of Institute policy 9.10.2 - Student Absence for Religious Observances:

"Any student who is unable to attend classes or participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day because of his or her religious beliefs is excused from any such activity. The student will be given the opportunity to make up the work that was missed, provided that the makeup work does not create an unreasonable burden upon MIT." And, "The Institute will not level fees or charges of any kind when allowing the student to make up missed work. In addition, no adverse or prejudicial effects will result because students have made use of these provisions."

Faculty members have been advised to refer undergraduate students to Student Support Services, and refer graduate students to the Office of Graduate Education to discuss the option of an excused absence (OX) if arrangements for an alternative final cannot be made during finals week. The OX policies may be found here:


Please initiate conversations early with your faculty if you have any concerns about sitting for exams or otherwise balancing your spiritual and academic needs.

Best regards,

Suzy M. Nelson
Vice President and Dean for Student Life