A different kind of welcome: Fall 2020 Covid policies (for off-campus undergraduate students)

September 07, 2020

YOU NEED TO KNOW: off-campus event prohibition; expedited disciplinary process for Covid policy violations; success depends on all of us!

Dear undergraduate students living off campus,

This is an unusual fall semester as MIT manages a pandemic, and the United States and countries around the world deal with the mounting toll of Covid cases. Against this backdrop, there is continued unrest in cities across the country in the wake of police violence, systemic inequity, and the deaths of too many Black Americans. Further exacerbating these situations are natural disasters in the country’s southern and western regions and a contentious national election.

To all of you anxious about any of these issues, know that MIT is here for you. Please reach out if you need to talk with someone.

MIT’s plan for moving forward during the pandemic is guided by science and common sense. As I detail in a message sent to undergraduate students living on-campus, life at MIT is different now. But, if we work together and adhere to and have patience with Covid policies--both from MIT and in the communities where you live and work now--we can meet the challenges ahead.

Off-Campus Events. Don’t organize or attend off-campus events, parties, or gatherings until further notice--they are a leading cause of Covid hotspots. MIT will take swift disciplinary action in response to violations of MIT Covid policies through an expedited Committee on Discipline processStudents who attend or host off-campus parties, events, or gatherings may face disciplinary action including potential suspension or loss of future campus access. [Please note: A message clarifying this policy was sent by Suzy Nelson to all students on September 9. Read it now.]

Campus Access. Undergraduates living off-campus may not use campus facilities or be on campus at any time. This prohibition includes DAPER indoor and outdoor facilities, the Student Center, and its foodservice facilities. This chart may help clarify who has access to campus facilities

The success of the semester depends on absolutely every one of us!
The Institute’s decision to stick with our reopening plan is grounded in our trust that you and every MIT community member will rise to the challenge. If everyone focuses on working the problem, we can help our on- and off-campus communities stay healthy and safe this fall and beyond.

Additional Policies and Updates
As you can see, we take student health, wellness, and safety seriously. Please review The Mind and Hand Book, which contains essential information on standards of behavior and student life policies. Other important policies include:

Our plan for the fall and beyond is being put to the test. Working together, we can pass it with flying colors.