Our support for our president

December 7, 2023
Mark Gorenberg, Chair of the Corporation |

To the members of the MIT community,

As you may have heard, this afternoon, the US House Committee on Education and the Workforce announced that it will conduct an investigation of the learning environments at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as their policies and disciplinary procedures. This follows a hearing earlier this week regarding antisemitism.

I write now to let you know that I and the Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation entirely support President Kornbluth.

I share here the note we released publicly this evening:

The MIT Corporation chose Sally to be our president for her excellent academic leadership, her judgment, her integrity, her moral compass, and her ability to unite our community around MIT’s core values. She has done excellent work in leading our community, including in addressing antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hate, all of which we reject utterly at MIT. She has our full and unreserved support.

Wishing you all the very best in this holiday season.


Mark P. Gorenberg
MIT Corporation