More on Standing Together Against Hate

December 4, 2023
Melissa Nobles, Chancellor |

Dear members of the MIT community,

President Kornbluth recently announced Standing Together Against Hate (STAH) – a community-driven effort designed to encourage students, faculty, and staff to come together, MIT-style, and use our collective problem-solving skills to address hate of all kinds.  

I’m pleased to let you know that people across campus are rising to meet the moment. You can read about this work on MIT News.

When STAH was announced, we said that antisemitism would be our initial focus. Through discussions with many in our community we have come to appreciate that antisemitism and Islamophobia – also on the rise, and often underreported – are best addressed at the same time. In response, MIT will take on both, not lumped together, but with equal energy and in parallel.

If your organization is mounting its own effort to confront any form of hate – antisemitism, Islamophobia, or other bigotry – please let us know. We invite you to write to us at

We cannot let these issues fester on our campus – and the only way to resolve the current tension is together. We all want an MIT where everyone can feel safe, supported, and free to do the work they came here to do. I hope we can all join in the effort to build the mutual respect and understanding necessary for each of us, and all of us, to thrive.


Melissa Nobles