MIT Medical's Annual Flu Clinics: October 2-6

September 27, 2023
Cecilia Stuopis, MD, Medical Director, MIT Medical, 2016–2023 |

To the MIT community,

Flu season is upon us, and we strongly recommend a flu vaccine to help protect you from influenza this year. This email contains important information about when you can get your immunization:

This year, MIT Medical will hold flu clinics Monday–Friday, October 2–6, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. in Morss Hall in Walker Memorial (Building 50). These clinics are free to everyone who is eligible to get a vaccine on campus.

Who is eligible for the 2023 flu clinic?

  • All enrolled students living on or off campus
  • All non-students who live on campus, including family members and children aged six months and older
  • All employees and contractors with an MIT ID
  • All patients with a primary care provider at MIT Medical, including children older than six months

If you are a student

To minimize crowding, please try to get your vaccine according to the following schedule, based on last name:

  • A–G: Monday, October 2
  • H–M: Tuesday, October 3
  • N–S: Wednesday, October 4
  • T–Z: Thursday, October 5

If you can’t make it on the date corresponding to your last name, you can come to the clinic any day from October 2–6.

If you are an employee

Come to the clinic on a day of the week that you normally work. There’s no need to make a special trip to campus.

If you are an MIT Medical patient

Come to the clinic any day from October 2–6.

If you are over age 65

High-dose vaccines will be available at all times.

If you are bringing children

Clinicians who can give vaccines to pediatric patients will be available at all times. However, if your baby has an upcoming six-month well-child visit at MIT Medical, they will receive their flu vaccine at that scheduled appointment.

Other things you need to know

  • Bring your MIT ID or your MIT Atlas app. We can scan the barcode in the app if you don’t have your MIT ID.
  • Wear flu-vaccine-friendly clothing with short sleeves. If it is cold, wear a single, easy-to-remove outer layer, like a jacket.

If you need documentation

  • Paper receipts are available upon request; ask a staff member at the clinic.
  • If you’re an MIT Medical patient, you can get documentation of your vaccination through our patient portal, HealthELife.

Can’t come to the flu clinic? Other options are available.

  • All MIT-sponsored insurance plans will allow you to get your flu vaccine anywhere Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is accepted.
  • Get your flu vaccine at a retail pharmacy, like CVS or Walgreens.
  • Attend a flu clinic in your community.
  • Get the flu vaccine from your primary care provider.
  • If you’re an MIT Medical patient, get the flu vaccine at your next primary care visit.

About this year’s vaccine

The 2023–24 flu vaccine offered at MIT is quadrivalent, protecting against two strains of influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and two strains of influenza B. The vaccine does not provide protection for COVID-19. To get a COVID-19 vaccine, you should visit a local pharmacy or your primary care provider.

COVID-19 vaccines will not be available at these flu clinics.

Active flu strains are different each year, so even if you got a flu vaccine last year, you still need to get this year’s vaccine. More information about this year’s vaccine is available from the CDC (CDC Vaccine Information Statement) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Massachusetts Immunization Information System).

Questions? Send an email to

Wishing you a safe and healthy flu season,

Cecilia Stuopis, M.D.
Medical Director, MIT Medical