Photo of Sally Kornbluth

Sally Kornbluth

Office Phone 617-253-0148
Room 3-208

About the position

As MIT’s chief executive officer, the president has day-to-day and strategic responsibility for the Institute’s operations and administration. Learn more about her official duties here.

More broadly, the president strives to help the people of MIT advance the Institute’s mission and live by its values. She works to reduce internal and external barriers to success in research, education, and innovation; raises resources to support the community’s work; and advocates in Washington on behalf of the nation’s research universities.

The president strives to foster an environment that attracts the finest talent in the world to campus and that enables MIT’s faculty, students, staff, and postdocs to thrive. She also sets the tone for the Institute, encourages a sense of collaboration, and taps the MIT community’s wisdom and aspirations to articulate a long-term strategic vision.

Under MIT’s structure of shared governance, the president operates at the intersection of the faculty, administration, and Corporation, and is a member of all three. She chairs Academic Council and the Institute faculty meetings and serves, ex officio, on a number of MIT’s governance committees.

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