Address* Phone**

Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz 4-204 253-4495
Deputy Executive Vice President Anthony Sharon 4-204 324-7130
Executive Assistant to EVP and Treasurer Sharon Pinksten 4-204 253-3928
Executive Director Robin Elices 4-208 324-4603

Human Resources

Vice President for Human Resources TBD    

Information Services and Technology

Vice President of Information Systems and Technology John Charles W92-280 253-3292


Vice President for Finance TBD    
Institute Auditor Michael Moody NE49-3021 253-6275
Director, Office of Major Agreements TBA    
See also MIT Investment Management Company      


Director, Environmental Health and Safety William VanSchalkwyk N52-496 253-9492
Director, Campus Services and Chief of Police John DiFava NE49-2100 252-1703
Director, Office of Campus Planning Pamela Delphenich NE49-3131G 253-1727
Director, Campus Construction Richard Amster NE49-2100 324-3990
Director, Maintenance and Utilities Donald Holmes NE49-2100 324-6220
Director, MIT Medical William Kettyle, MD E23-281 253-1716
Director, Sustainability Julie Newman NE49-3161P 324-8144

* The office addresses can be located on the MIT Campus Map.
** All seven-digit phone numbers are in the 617 area code.