Vision Statement

We aspire to innovate and to create seamless virtual and in-person experiences, integrated systems, sustainable practices, simplified processes, and satisfying interactions for MIT’s faculty, students, staff and extended community. We are committed to extending the MIT culture of caring and excellence in all that we do and, most importantly, to safeguarding the MIT community and our campus.

What will be our legacy if we achieve our aspirations? How will MIT be different if we succeed in transforming the physical campus, if we are able to build MIT’s capacity for a sustainable future, if we reinvest in technology infrastructure and make data for decision-making accessible? What will the campus look like a decade from now, and how do we imagine a typical workday?

Kendall Square will be transformed into a gateway area for the Institute with new housing and childcare, connected open spaces, retail, innovation space, and a prominent location for the MIT Museum. When we exit the red line T stop, we will experience the essence of MIT while feeling connected to the surrounding Cambridge community. MIT's main entrance at 77 Massachusetts Avenue will be more vibrant, and the west campus significantly improved with new and renovated undergraduate and graduate housing to better support student life and learning into the future.

Our campus will be renewed and become a living laboratory where we test and model solutions to advance the practice of sustainability, creating a blueprint to share with other institutions. We will expand the capacity of our cogeneration plant to provide increased power with greater efficiency for our campus and surrounding community while reducing emissions, demonstrating that we can reduce the impact of the campus on our local and global environment.

When we step inside our campus walls, we will be inspired by the vibrancy of the Atlas Service Center, where in-person interactions are brought together to simplify community experiences. The work of our faculty and students extends far beyond the boundaries of our campus, and our services and systems will work together to enable MIT to address the world’s great challenges and reach a global audience of learners. In order to effectively support the needs of a community operating on a global scale in a 24/7 world, we will have the agility needed to be able to respond rapidly and effectively to changing circumstances and new requirements.

With integrity and in partnership, we strive to add value and provide services that excel at every level—exceptional online services, responsive assistance on demand, and satisfying face-to-face interactions. This includes services aimed at attracting and nurturing the most talented faculty and staff members, and supporting the community in acquiring the goods and services needed to execute world-class research and transform pedagogy. It encompasses services to maintain and renew campus buildings and technology infrastructure, and depends on attention to thoughtful stewardship of the Institute’s financial resources. MIT’s financial resiliency will enable our shared vision.

In the future, the data we collect will be organized and accessible to help us understand, to inform decision-making. Dashboards for department and center administrators, and tools for scenario modeling, budgeting and forecasting will better address community needs for readily available information. It will be easier to answer questions. Daily activities will be simpler, more intuitive, and it will take less time to accomplish routine tasks.

With the excitement of the revitalized campus environment and the thrill of being part of an even better MIT, it will be easy to attract and retain the best staff talent. An even more diverse workforce will be better positioned to meet MIT’s needs —adept, collaborative, open and able to adapt in an ever-changing world—with access to the best wellness programs and care. Our shared experiences continue to shape a strong community—connected, committed, and hopeful about the future we will invent together.

People. Place. Technology. Stewardship. Experiences. Community.