Nate Nickerson was named Vice President for Communications in February 2015. Mr. Nickerson joined MIT in 2004 as deputy editor of Technology Review, the technology magazine and website owned by MIT. He moved to the News Office in 2009 as editorial director, and was named director of communications in 2010 and associate vice president for communications in 2012.

His move to the News Office was part of a reorganization initiated by then-President Susan Hockfield to recast it as a digital-only shop: The printed weekly Tech Talk ceased to be published, but an increased amount of editorial content produced by writers from both within and outside the News Office was posted to the website MIT News. Under Mr. Nickerson’s leadership, MIT News’ reach has expanded and it now counts hundreds of thousands of readers beyond the MIT community each month. The News Office also manages the Institute’s media relations, its homepage, many of its top-level social media accounts, and the MIT Video website.

Mr. Nickerson received his BA in English in 1992 from Beloit College in Wisconsin. Before joining MIT, he worked in magazine publishing in New York, serving as assistant managing editor of Family Circle from 1993 to 1999 and as managing editor of Fast Company from 2000 to 2003. Mr. Nickerson serves on the Public Affairs Committee of the Association of American Universities and on the Communications Advisory Committee of the Council on Competitiveness.