Mr. Anthony P. Sharon was appointed deputy executive vice president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on April 1, 2013. In this role, he supports the executive vice president (EVP) and treasurer in leading the senior management team. He is responsible for overseeing the internal operations of the EVP areas while working to enhance organizational processes and systems.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Sharon served as the assistant director for operations at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and was responsible for the Laboratory’s $200M operating and capital investment budget and government research contracts of $940M annually. He also managed the operations of Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Information Services, Contracting, and Security departments.

Mr. Sharon joined Lincoln Laboratory in August 1999 as the assistant leader of the Advanced SATCOM Engineering and Operations Group. His initial work was on the development of an Advanced EHF test terminal for investigating advanced waveform performance in protected satellite communications systems. In June 2001, he was awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s Benjamin Oliver Gold Medal for Engineering.

Mr. Sharon received his BS in mechanical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1974 and his MS in systems engineering from The Ohio State University in 1986. He served in the United States Air Force for 25 years, attaining the rank of colonel, and served in numerous positions of responsibility. These include director of plans and programs for the Electronic Systems Center and system program director for Communications and Airspace Management.