Address* Phone**

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education



Dean for Graduate Education Christine Ortiz 3-138 253-1957
Assistant to the Dean Jessica Landry 3-138 253-1958
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education Blanche E. Staton 3-138 253-4869
Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean Patricia Glidden 3-138 253-9464
Administrative Officer Keiko Tanaka 3-138 253-3582
Financial Staff Assistant Idalia Cuevas 3-138 253-9463
Communications Officer Heather Konar 35-332 253-1940
Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives TBA 3-138  
Assistant Director, Diversity Initiatives and MIT Summer Research Program TBA 35-332  
Administrative Assistant, Diversity Intiatives Amanda Stoll 35-332 324-8453
Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Support & Advising Jason McKnight 9-367 253-5427
Manager of Graduate Fellowships Scott Tirrell 35-336 324-7021
Senior Administrative Assistant, Graduate Admissions Robert Cummings 35-332 324-6087

International Students Office




Director and Associate Dean for International Students Danielle Guichard-Ashbrook    
Assistant Director Maria Brennan  


International Student Advisor Aurora Brule    
Technical Support Specialist Emily Cheng    
International Student Advisor Sylvia Hiestand    
International Student Advisor and Coordinator, Hosts to International Students Program Janka Moss    
Visiting Students Coordinator Mayoka Takemori    
Graduate Admissions Coordinator Carlene Green-Paul    
Senior Office Assistant and Receptionist Antoinette Browne    

Graduate Student Council



Administrative Assistant Betsy Granese   253-3565
Financial Administrator Imani Ivery   253-2195

* The office addresses can be located on the MIT Campus Map.
** All seven-digit phone numbers are in the 617 area code.